Childhood seascapes and reflections on deep time

    June 24, 2016

    Through some of these places I roamed freely as a child, while some are places where I rediscovered that same magical feeling as an adult. Places which instilled in me a sense of mystery and awe. I suspect that these early experiences also shaped my imagination, gradually giving breath to my inspirational muse - helping me on my long and winding path towards my current occupation as a professional photographer.

    Through these photographs I wish to convey to the viewer the same sense of mystery and awe as I felt as a child wandering through these wonderful places. Perhaps one might also reflect on deep geological time and one's own, tiny place on this time scale - in the sense that the seas have used millennia to carve out these beautiful and seemingly static shapes in stone.

    Here's a small excerpt from what LensCulture has to say about this project: 

    "This is a lovely series of photographs, and it seems evident to me that Molnes' has a strong eye and a clear vision for what he wants to accomplish with his work.

    From a technical standpoint I think the tonal qualities are very strong and work to create a kind of dynamic visual depth that really excites and engages the eye well. [...] I like how he points to ideas of geological time in his statement, and I think this is a nice point of entry for an audience to consider his work. Offering that kind of macro view of geologic change can be quite inspiring, and I would even like to read more about those kinds of ideas his statement."