Childhood seascapes and reflections on deep time

    June 24, 2016

    "I roamed freely along the coast of my home island Vigra as a young boy, discovering secret places, hidden passages and strange little creatures of the sea. During a recent visit to the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland, I spent weeks along its rugged coastline. Along these beaches of pebbled rocks and dramatic sculptures of basalt rock I felt at home, remembering the impressions from childhood and rediscovering that same magical feeling. 

    These are places which instilled in me a sense of mystery and awe. I suspect that these early experiences also shaped my imagination, gradually giving breath to my inspirational muse - helping me on my long and winding path towards my current occupation as a professional photographer.

    Through these photographs I wish to convey to the viewer the same sense of mystery and awe as I felt as a boy wandering through these spaces. I also wish to invite you to reflect on deep geological time and one's own, tiny place on this time scale. The seas have used millennia to carve out these beautiful and seemingly static shapes in stone, we are here merely visiting for a brief moment in time, while these rocks will continue to be shaped by the oceans for millennia to come."

    The art magazine LensCulture has for more than ten years been one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography.  Here's a small excerpt from what they had to say about this project: 

    "This is a lovely series of photographs, and it seems evident to us that Molnes' has a strong eye and a clear vision for what he wants to accomplish with his work.

    From a technical standpoint I think the tonal qualities are very strong and work to create a kind of dynamic visual depth that really excites and engages the eye well. [...] I like how he points to ideas of geological time in his statement, and I think this is a nice point of entry for an audience to consider his work."