Artist of the year 2012

    March 08, 2012

    I am honored to have been chosen as artist of the year in my home municipality of Giske, in connection with this years enterprice award.

    The jury consisted of 7 persons, both local politicians and corporate representatives. Previous recipients are esteemed artists such as Ørnulf Opdahl, Trine Røssevold and Olav Leon Roald.

    I have recieved different kinds of international awards previously, but it feels extra nice to be recogniced and seen by ones own in this way.

    In connection with this award it is customary for the jury to purchase artwork from the artist to be given to the "corporation of the year". Below you will find the photograph which was selected by this years jury: Printed on canvas, coated to ensure long term resistance against UV rays, abrasion or moisture, stretched and framed. Black, wooden L- frame.

    "Rossholmen i Storm II", 2008