Simart - my new representative in Ålesund

    February 28, 2017

    I was introduced to Arnfinn Tautra Nygård and his lovely whife Lêda Nygård by museum director Gro Kraft during the opening of VU17 at Kunstmuseet KUBE. 

    Our talk resulted in a visit by Arnfinn to Gallery Ellingstova to see more of my work. Next day we signed a contract for his gallery and Simart to represent me in Ålesund. He has already sold one photograph, and I have great hopes for our "joint venture".

    Simart conveys art in the form of paintings, prints, photography and sculptures by Norwegian and foreign artists. Currently representing some of the finest local artist, both well established and up- and coming. Simart meaning - Yes art - in Portuguese presents varied art of the highest quality. They have established themselves as a inspiring, trusted and efficient link between artist and buyer. 

    The gallery is open by appointment: Tel. (+47)91317513  E-mail:

    Address: Larsgårdsvegen 80, 6009 Ålesund

    Be sure to check out their website:  and to follow them on Instagram  - 

    From the Simart- gallery