Participating at Vestlandsutstillingen 2017

    January 18, 2017

    Not too long ago I was jumping around my studio in joy over good news. Turned out I was among the fortunate artists invited to participate at Vestlandsutstillingen 2017 (VU17). 

    The Western Norway Exhibition (VU) has been an important venue for artists from the region ever since it started in 1922. The exhibition is a cooperative effort between the Kube Art Museum in Ålesund, the Kabuso Art Gallery in Øystese, the Sunnfjord Art Association in Førde, the Haugesund Art Gallery and the Stavanger Art Association. Financial support is provided by the counties of Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane, Møre og Romsdal as well as the Arts Council of Norway.

    My contribution this year was a selection of three photographs from my project "Entropy". The theme of my project seamlessly integrates into the theme for VU17:

    "Although each artwork included here is unique in its conceptual creation and subtleties, themes of ecology and human behavior run throughout the works. The current anthropocene period is an aged marked primarily by human activity and its subsequent effect on the planet – climate change, weather extremes, steadily decreasing polar ice caps and an exponential decline in flora and fauna species. In the midst of the ongoing environmental crisis, the artworks included in Where have we been? offer reflections on human interactions with our environment; past, present, and possible future." (From the VU17 website)

    This exhibition marks one of the definitive highpoints of my career so far, and I have great hopes for the exhibition as it travels to some of the finest art venues across the western part of Norway.

    Among the three photographs I sent in, "Fjós" was the one this year's jury selected for the exhibition.

    You can catch Vestlandsutstillingen at the following galleries:

    Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese: January 14'th - February12'th
    Kunstmuseet Kube, Ålesund: February 24'th - March 26'th
    Haugesund Kunstforening, Haugesund: April 28'th - May 28'th
    Kunsthall Stavanger, Stavanger: June 9'th - August 6'th
    Sunnfjord Kunstlag/Førdehuset, Førde: September 2'nd - 24'th

    More details about the exhibition here: VU17 - Visningssteder

    Below you will find some photos from the exhibition opening at Kunsthuset Kabuso: