Contract signed with Gallery SG

    September 01, 2013

    Gallery SG, one of the finest galleries in Trondheim, is the first of several galleries to represent my artwork. They will have exclusive distribution rights in their area and I have been chosen for inclusion in their permanent selection of artists.

    The first opportunity to see my art on display in Trondheim will be during this year’s Christmas exhibition at Gallery SG, where I will be one of three main exhibitors. The exhibition opens Saturday, 16th of November at 12:00. I will be attending the opening myself, and hope to see you there if you live in the Trondheim area.

    Gallery SG also have some of my artworks for sale in their online gallery.

    More information will follow on my Facebook and Twitter.

    The gallery entrance, in the centre of Trondheim, Norway - Kjøpmannsgt. 37Interior shot, main floor.Sissel F. Giæver, the owner and curator at Gallery SG