Kunstverket Galleri - one of my new representatives in Oslo

    November 27, 2022

    I am glad to announce that you can now find my works permanently on display at the renowned Kunstverket Galleri in Oslo, thus complementing my existing representative in Oslo, Gallery FineArt. 

    We started off with a small selection of photographs which all were sold the first week after arrival, so Kunstverket and me are already off to a flying start.

    Since its establishment in 1989, Kunstverket Galleri has worked with the dissemination of high-quality Nordic contemporary art. Today, the gallery represents photography, graphics and works on paper by the Nordic region's foremost artists. The gallery is located in Kirkegata 5 in Kvadraturen and currently has 6 employees in the areas of gallery/exhibitions, decoration and edition.

    Kunstverket Galleri intends to promote graphic prints and works on paper as a serious contributor to the Norwegian contemporary art scene. Through curating and promoting exhibitions which displays the foremost graphic print artists in the Nordic region, the exhibitions program will manifest itself by contributing with something unique for every show; to educate the audience in the knowledge that graphic prints is a serious contender and an independent technique on the contemporary art scene. 

    The exhibitions program functions as one of the most dynamic departments in the gallery, as exhibitions are changed monthly - displaying the foremost contemporary artists working with graphic prints and works on paper. The main focus is solo-exhibitions with established artists showing new works and, for them, new techniques. Through invitation only, the artists are encouraged to focus on new techniques, thus creating unique shows that are quite different from what the audience would usually meet in a gallery dealing with prints. 

    Once a year, a group show is curated based on the newest events on the contemporary art scene. These shows intend to show several artists working within the same genre or under concepts such as Nordic Graphic Prints or contemporary trends.  Their vision is to breathe new life into the city of Oslo's awareness of contemporary art through a combination of individual and group exhibitions, projects and happenings. 

    More info to be found at their website: Kunstverket Galleri