Exhibition at Herdla Museum

    October 26, 2017

    This upcoming Sunday at 14:00 you are welcome to attend the opening of my two exhibitions "Entropy" and "Childhood Seascapes". During the opening Johannes Bakke (on the cello) and Anne Gurine Gjøsæter (on the piano) will play a live piece and the municipal commissioner of culture will say a few word. I will give a brief introduction to my two projects, and show guest around my two exhibitions answering any questions you might have. At Herdla Museum you will also have the opportunity to see Lois Walpole's "Weaving Ghosts" exhibition.

    Entrance to the museum is free during this event. A light meal will be served and you also have the option to buy something in the café on the ground floor.

    We recently held and opening of the new museum and exhibitions for all parties involved in the building process, including politicians and corporate organisations. Below you will find some images for that event.

    We look forward to seeing you on Sunday October 29th at 14:00! Doors close around 17:00. 

    From "Entropy"From "Childhood Seascapes".From "Entropy"

    From "Entropy"

    The new Herdla Museum