KHÅK Kunsthall - my new representative in Ålesund

    November 26, 2022

    I am proud to call KHÅK my new representative in Ålesund. If I were to collaborate with one gallery in Ålesund it had to be KHÅK and happily they accepted my proposal to become my new, permanent representative.

    I have now delivered a comprehensive selection of photographs in different sizes for their graphic department, to be found in their archives there. Also some larger works for wall display. These will soon be joined på smaller framed works for the wall- space in their hall just by the entrance.

    KHÅK is an exhibition venue for contemporary art in Ålesund, with three departments:

    The exhibition hall - changing exhibitions of contemporary art

    The graphics room - sale of graphics from over 100 Norwegian artists, including a lagre selection of my photographic works. You can also find my work via their website.

    The hall with a permanent selection from Stiftelsen Kjell Holm's art collection

    The name KHÅK is pronounced "kaak", a colloquial Norwegian term for a house, dwelling or home. It is composed of four initials; Kjell Holm, the man who owned the art collection represented in the art gallery, and Ålesund Art Association, which has the day-to-day running of KHÅK.

    Gallery manager and curator Ida Haugland receiving some of my works