Taking part in KHÅKs exhibition "Kunststjerner"

    November 28, 2022

    1. December at 18.00 you are welcome to the opening of the the exhibition KUNSTSTJERNER, where art from both local and national names gathers in one place to shine together. December is the month for returning home and gathering with friends and loved ones. The same applies to KHÅK's annual December exhibition. There will be a great variety of painting, photogarphy, graphics and three-dimensional art. For example, Johanna Søvik comes home from China with a suitcase full of new art for the exhibition, Rune Werner Molnes will debut some of his new work and Fredrik Wiig Sørensen shows new original works on canvas and paper. Altogether, dozens of artists will show their works in the exhibition hall.

    In addition to KUNSTSTJERNER, Stiftelsen Kjell Holm's department will show up in a new outfit on the opening day, and there is a big surprise waiting in KHÅK's graphics department, which is worth seeing for all art lovers.

    Welcome to a triple art experience!

    KHÅK Art Gallery, Ålesund, Norway
    1 December at 18:00
    Free entry and open to all

    01 December 2022
    08 January 2023