"Vårslepp" exhibition at Kunstgarasjen, Bergen 10.03 - 23.04.2023

    March 11, 2023

    "Kunstgarasjen is now filled with vigorous works from our new members! In this exhibition you will see works from 17 artists that you have not seen in the Kunstgarasjen before. Here we show experienced artists together with new talents, and a wide selection of expressions and techniques.

    We show drawing, painting, photography, graphics, sculpture and textile work, and the thoughts are guided through landscapes, we are invited to play, reflect on the body, or on the actual work of making things. Here are many works that thematize the game of masks, figures that are not what you think they are, photographs that show off paint, light threads that become heavy textiles, mountains that are not mountains, - or are they? In this teeming life, you can spend time getting your bearings and making your own experiences.
    A warm welcome to Vårslepp in Kunstgarasjen!"

    A trip to Kunstgarasjen is highly recommended, where you also can catch Marianne Bergs solo exhibition, as well as take a walk through "Magasinet" where you will find additional photographic works of mine.

    More information to be found over at Kunstgarasjens homepage.